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LA Edwards

Childrenโ€™s Author



Iโ€™m Leโ€™Siran โ€ฆ. (pronounced Lisa-Ann)

Author of the comedy-adventure childrenโ€™s fiction novel






For children aged 7 years+ with black characters at the centre of the plot!

As Featured Onโ€ฆ

Birmingham Mail | WCR Radio | Cocoa Girl Magazine | Black Books Festival | Cocoa Fest

About Halo Hattie

HATTIE unearths the hidden GALAXY GARDEN in her new home. Within it, HATTIE discovers the GALAXIERS, a group of culturally diverse talking animals, seeking refuge until they are united with their missing families.

She befriends them and is unexpectedly crowned Queen of the Garden with the all powerful HALO which holds the secret to reuniting the animals.

Meanwhile, the creator of the HALO, the dastard scientist, GARTOID MANDERBLYTHEN, is hot on the trail for the HALO.

HATTIE must confront her own moral dilemma: will she keep her word, or will she betray them?

The comedy magical adventure begins...

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Halo Hattie Celebrity Praise Notes

โ€œThis is the next Shrek. The black version!โ€

Shabz Kariem (Comedian/Actor on upcoming Halo Hattie Audiobook)

โ€œGreat humour! The kids will love this.โ€

Remel London (Capital 1 Radio DJ /Actress on upcoming Halo Hattie Audiobook)

โ€œI like to support black creatives. LA Edwards is fantastic!โ€

John Simmit (Comedian / Actor on upcoming Halo Hattie Audiobook)


The Halo Hattie Readers

Halo Hattieยฎ and the Galaxiers Discovery

Now available

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